Welcome to my head

Welcome to my head. Since mum died I’ve struggled talking to friends and family, I’ve found this as the best way to cope. I hope it helps someone else.

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Life moves on..

The shit thing about this is all, is that life moves on. It’s like I’m on a train that isn’t going to stop. I can’t stop and take a breathe. The people around me, friends and work colleagues are all moving on with their life and I can’t seem to do to the same. IContinue reading “Life moves on..”

The little things

It’s the little and most silliest things that hurt. The way you used to walk up the hall at 11pm ever night to make sure the front door was locked and to say goodnight and give us a kiss. I wish I knew when the last time you would have done that was. I wouldContinue reading “The little things”


There are going to be many firsts without mum. The first one we had was mum and dads wedding anniversary the week after she died. It was crap, we didn’t know what to do.. my dads life revolves around my mum and us kids of course but the older we got the more he revolvedContinue reading “Firsts”

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